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Meet the Donkeys!

I think that donkeys are like potato chips - you can't have just one! 

My mom and dad started with one donkey - the horse foals needed protection from coyotes while out in the pasture. Before long my dad decided that a few more would be a good idea. Then a jack (boy donkey) was added to the herd. Now there are 10 donkeys at the farm. To just say we love everyone of them is an understatement. We LOVE our donks! They enjoy attention. When visiting the farm, make sure to stop and give them a scratch. They like carrots and apples. Make sure to watch your fingers (they don't know what is your finger and what is a carrot). Please make sure to keep dogs away from them though. They will attack a dog, coyote or anything else they feel is a danger to them. 


Meet the Donks!

We can't forget about the Goats!

We've got a few goats around here as well! Buttons and Cookie are Nigerian Dwarf goats. They are 3 years old. Topaz is Nubian. She is much taller than Cookie and Buttons!

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